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Dance L.I.T.E. Dance Crew's T-Shirt Design Contest



Welcome!  Dance L.I.T.E. Dance Crew has merged with Burning River Entertainment to create an extremely incredible annual showcase as well as to provide entertainment for various Burning River Events such as weddings, Bar Mitzvah's, and school/private events!  With myself at the head of the Dance Crew, I am reaching out to all of my current studios for a chance for those students to be a part of a T-Shirt Design Contest for DLDC!!

For DLDC's T-Shirt Design Contest, you must submit your child's design or designs via email (located at the bottom of this website) by May 1st.  Each kid can create and submit up to 2 designs.  There will be one design selected from each studio to be a finalist.  Finalists will be announced May 16th via email.  Once finalists are chosen, they each will have the choice to have their design printed on a T-shirt with a fee of $15 (only the 3 finalists).  On May 31st, the winner will be announced.  Winner will receive their picture taken to be promoted alongside their design in the DLDC dance gear catalog, and 30% of the first 15 sales of their design.  Second place winner will receive a $20 iTunes gift card.  Third place winner will receive a $10 iTunes gift card.  We are ALL winners!!!

Any questions or concerns can be sent via email with a response time of 48 to 72 hours.  


Dance L.I.T.E Dance Crew ( DLDC )

More About Us


Dance L.I.T.E Dance Crew is a team/group of individuals MANY different ages, looking for a way to make a living through the rare sincerity of spreading LOVE.  With Burning River Entertainment as DLDC'S "Big Brother" company, we are always open to expanding B.R.E & DLDC'S rosters!!!! Think you have what it takes to be a Dancer, Party motivator, DJ, Host/Mc, Photo Booth Tech, videography or work in Tech & Equipment management?? Send us an email, we would love to hear from you!!!

Upcoming Events


DLDC & B.R.E will be hosting a dance competition/battle followed by an EPIC B.R.E & DLDCrew auditions!!!! Dates and times will be announced in the month of July via website and all other social media accounts!!! 



DLDC has just reconnected with a formal business partner that's also excited to have reconnected!!! An amazing stage for our annual showcase has presented itself!!!! Now once the team is selected the show can begin its preparations!!!

Master Of Ceremonies/Dance Instructor/Dj/Perfomer




James Showtime is an Entertainment Coordinator, a true Master of Ceremonies, a Master Level Dance Instructor & a Dynamic Entertainer... dedicated, versatile, loving and outgoing with an EXTREMELY FUN personality. With a passion and love for dance and for the true purpose of entertainment, he is fully committed to providing an amazingly positive, energetic environment. James Showtime satisfies audiences of all ages and genres for ANY special event. Gifted as a dancer and well known for his many talents, he provides a great show with strong stage presence, confidence and GREAT vibes. He takes pride in his experiences and his journey and his talents, and also his ability to create Love, & Laughter for an audience to shine for many years to come!

When you allow yourself to have fun with Showtime!!!

History/His-Story of James Showtime


 Past Performances & Events (include but are NOT limited to):


Ohio Performances/Events:

The Agora ◦Baldwin Wallace College ◦Boys & Girls Club ◦Cleveland Metroparks Zoo ◦Cedar Point ◦Geauga Lake ◦House of Blues ◦ICAN Preparatory Schools ◦The Ingenuity Festival ◦Kent State University ◦The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame ◦Quicken Loans Arena ◦Universal Soul Circus ◦Nightclub Performances/Promotions ◦Wildwater Kingdom ◦Z-1079 Summer Jam ◦Zelma Watson George Recreation Center

Michigan Performances/Events: All-Styles/B-Boy Battle Event ◦ Charity Events ◦ “Sweet 16” Celebration

Louisiana Performances: 2008 NBA All-Stars Game &The Celebrity Games

Florida Performances: BET Revamped & ARTS Expo


Awards & Credentials

Awarded 1st Place & Honorable Mention, National ARTS Expo Competition – Orlando, FL

State & Nationally Awarded Dance Teams as Choreographer & Instructor

Dancer of the Year Award, Most Requested Award, 5 Years with Zero Negative Reviews - Rock the House Entertainment Group

 Choreographer- Baldwin Wallace College/Cleveland Cavaliers Performance 

Leading Dancer/Choreographer -Rock the House Entertainment Group 

Dance Instructor- Spotlight Dance & Performing Arts Center

05’-11’ Dancer-“The Scream Team” Dance Team/NBA Cleveland Cavaliers

10'- 11' Choreographer- Rock City Dance Group 

10'-11' Instructor- Center Stage Dance Studio

11'- 12' Fierce Athletics Cheerleading

Awarded 2012 Ohio’s Best Dance Crew Award- Point Blank Dance Group- Cleveland, OH

12’-13’ Choreographer- Baldwin Wallace College/Cleveland Cavaliers Performance 

13’-14’ Choreographer- JAM Dance Academy/Cleveland Cavaliers Performance

15'-Choreographer- Emjaez Dance Studio,

15'-Choreographer- Cleveland Dance Academy

15'-Choreographer- Dance Dimensions Dance Studio

15'-18' Instructor- Interpretations Dance Academy

Let's Work Together


Dance Lessons

Dance Instructor for ALL ages(email and ask about classes for your kid,you, or grandparents!!). 

Professional & Competitive Choreography

Private Lessons

Master Classes

Wedding Couple Routines


DJ/Master of Ceremonies

Events include/not limitied to:

Birthday Celebrations

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs


Private/Corporate/Promotional Events Nightclubs/Promotional Events


School Functions/Events/Formals

Book us, Take Classes, or join our team?!?!

For DJ services contact Founder/Owner Gene Natale Jr. Bestdjincleveland.com or 1-216-352-3789

For All B.R.E offered Classes, Dance lessons or Hip Hop Dance Class parties contact James Showtime via email @ s.time1987@yahoo.com or 1-917-979-7901

Burning River/Showtimedarealking Entertainment Grp

DJ Office: 216-352-3789 Dance Department: 1-917-979-7901


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